About us

Our aim

Assist group members and VIP customers to balance theirs revenue and expenses in all aspects of entertainment and business.

Our vision

Establish a group business to become the top intermediary in the world of entertainment casinos.

Our mission

To Provide global consultation on VIP entertainment gambling hall, Rolling chips (RC) tokens investment partnership establishment service and commercial market joint venture program, global intelligent business and other industries.


SCG Traders provides a series of zero-risk profit-making platforms for global partner members to meet the luxury lifestyle of the members. We develop a new borderless platform and physical venue to meet the passion of casino VIP and club members for luxury living and fashion.

The only requirement to become our partner members is your desire for a zero-risk business. Nothing is faster and more convenient than us. Just create an account and start enjoying the zero-risk investment information that our platform brings to the partner members.

As a partner member, you will be able to enjoy a new experience in the lifestyle of deluxe and high-fashion. Our platform establishes the state-of-art technology to help partner members to make a profit at zero risk.

Partner member lifestyle redefinition
SCG Traders redefines the lifestyle of our partner members. We also work with a variety of lifestyle and luxury brands. From business to leisure, from leisure to relaxation, we make sure that our members enjoy the greatest pleasure in the most lavish environment.

Our Office

Group Executives Reviews

For companies with important customers, we know how important it is to visit the best places for entertainment, to make an impression and to build a network in the city. As a result, our corporate members provide complete solutions for large and small businesses through custom packages, depending on the size of the organization and individual needs. We currently work with investment foundations, law firms, hedge funds, brokers and other FTSE-listed companies to cover all areas of VIP entertainment and entertainment.
Our corporate membership is an ideal way for companies to save time and money by leveraging our resources and internal knowledge, as we understand the need to impress new customers and entertain valuable business partners in the highest levels of the Asian social circle.

Group CEO, Steve Adelson

Our experience and knowledge of economic environment and business issues, as well as close interaction with members of the business community, will bring significant improvements to your business pursuits.

Marketing General Manager, Kilvin Low

SCG Business Opportunity

We offer a range of entertainment profit concepts, partner business, membership training, consulting and planning to drive all aspects of the business and lifestyle of our partners.

Team Image

SCG Privilege Club Club

We designed this privileged Piaget Club to allow SCG Privilege Entertainment Club members to take a day off, relax, socialize and relax on a busy schedule every day.
The SCG Privilege Club's event brings together like-minded privileged members to enjoy a high-quality, handsome dance in a luxurious music environment.

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We design this privileged club so that privileged members can take a day off, relax, socialize and relax in a busy schedule every month.
SCG Privileges wine Club event brings together like-minded privileged members to enjoy quality service in a luxurious environment。

Team Image

SCG Baron Club Club

We design this privileged club so that Privilege Barons can take a day off, relax, socialize and relax on a busy schedule.
The SCG Baron Club'S event brings together like-minded privileged baron members to enjoy quality rabbit-girl services in a luxurious environment.。