SGC Traders establishes an unparalleled market relationship with many unique restaurants, bars, member clubs and other member VIP entertainment providers in Asia this year.


We work on behalf of SCG Entertainment LLC 24 hours a day, around the world, including Las Vegas, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore, offering luxury backup & real-time baccarat and online streaming casino studios.


The core responsibility of SCG Land Builder is to prioritize the four pillars of the “ecosystem” of our large-scale enterprises: market, community, workplace and sustainability of environmental development.


You could have the best of both worlds in dining and entertainment. And enjoy the stunning beaches and sunsets in the world, all one had to do was perfect the formula with good food and world-class entertainment.


Innerplace has established its network for more than 10 years. It had established an unparalleled relationship with most of London's most exclusive restaurants, bars, member clubs and other VIP entertainment providers.


Zouk KL , the right of being known as Asia’s iconic Superclub. The energy from the music, the patrons and its staff are where the club draws its success from. Zouk KL prides itself of setting a new elite standard of global club culture, which brings music and people together as one.

2018 - 2019 SCG CAPITAL & Co's
latest entertainment market development

“To ensure that our partners enjoy the best lifestyle in Asia, including the most popular clubs and the most impressive restaurants, cool parties, music, movies, sports and many VIP events. We know where our partners need to go and let the partners pass the door to set up new projects and new places."

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EXCLUSIVE Luxury Travel

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FIVE STAR Entertainment Place

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Corporate concierge service

For companies with important customers, we know how important the best entertainment is to build a positive impression and to build a network in the city.
Hence, our corporate members provide complete solutions for large and small businesses through customizable packages, depending on the size of the organization and individual. SCG GROUP currently works with investment banks, law firms, hedge funds, brokers and other FTSE-listed companies to provide entertainment for VIP.
With the resources and insider information, SCG membership is an ideal way for companies to save time and money We understand the need to impress new customers and important partners with the highest levels of global social scenes.

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